What Does It Mean to Illuminate?

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Learn about why I started this site and why the global trading system should boggle your mind.

In my first post I feel as though it is important to lay the groundwork for why I wanted to create this website. I do not know my very first introduction to global supply chains, but I do know my most formative, which was helping start the consulting company, Asymmetrica, that sought to combat illicit trade in the supply chain. What this really meant was trying to figure out how big companies’ products were being counterfeited and to raise awareness among the general public about how their purchases of counterfeit products may be resulting in poor quality or unsafe products in addition to funding organized crime. This work taught me two things:

  • The way consumer products are made was more disconnected and complicated than I ever imagined.

  • Consumers didn’t care very much about the origin of their products, where they were made, who was involved and who is earning the profit.

Since then, I’ve continued to learn more about how products are made and the complexities of global supply chains. I had heard, for example, that some cars cross the border between Mexico and the U.S. multiple times adding different components before they are complete. It was this type of information that sparked my interest. I don’t imagine everyone shares this exact interest, but there has been a rise among brands, in response to their customers requests, to provide visibility of where their products came from and/or what they are made of. Did the company adhere to labor rights and ensure there were no human rights violations? Can the company prove that what they say is in their product is actually the case, such as in the case of organics?

I plan to use this platform to highlight companies and brands that offer insight into where their products are coming from and what is going into their products - particularly food. I want to illuminate supply chains for the average consumer who may be concerned with sustainability or health but struggles to differentiate between marketing and the truth.

I am also currently learning as much as I can about the adoption of various technologies, most notably blockchain, to help bring transparency to supply chains. If you don’t know what blockchain technology is yet, I will explain in an upcoming post.

Stay tuned to learn not only about global trade but also about the quality and origin of what we buy and how we can be smarter about what we put in our bodies by asking more of companies that make or transport the food we eat to be more transparent. **Illuminate**

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