What Illuminate Means to Me

With a background in global trade and supply chains, my first real exposure to food supply chains was last year. When I started to connect the dots how the food we eat not only effects our health, but also has an environmental impact as well as an impact on communities who grow, harvest, process, distribute and sell it, I had to learn more. I started this site as a way to educate myself because finding answers to where our food comes form is not simple. 

I have experienced this last year in what feels like a crash course on food systems, ending with a drive across the country to speak with farmers themselves, I feel driven to deliver much of what I've concluded to my fellow consumers. I truly believe changing the food system has many ripple effects that our society is looking for and these solutions don't come with new technologies like block chain or hydroponics, but rather in the repair of the relationships to our food. I will be using this platform to connect eaters to producers so that more of us can join in on the local/regional and alternative food systems happening all around us. 


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